Original Cover Art

Original podcast cover art featuring (from left to right) Kevin, Max, Oliver, and Matt.

ManaTank Podcast is a weekly podcast hosted on The sucess of the MTP has lead to the creation of two spin-off podcasts: 20 Minute Surrender, a League of Legends podcast, and Factory Sealed, a retro gaming podcast.


The first episode of the ManaTank Podcast was released on August 1, 2011. The show was originally hosted by Matt Eades, Oliver Aguilar, Kevin Beier, and Max Gonzalez. Max left the podcast late-2011 and was replaced by Eric Pederson. On the April 22, 2013 episode, it was announced that due to Matt having to go and live in Grande Prairie for an internship, that the podcast would be on a hiatus for around 4 months. 

In November of 2014 the podcast would return with an entirely local crew, consisting of Matt Eades, Kevin Beier, Oliver Aguilar and Brandon Lynch. #FourManTheDream is born. 


Current Podcast Cover Art

Current Podcast Cover Featuring Kevin (left), Matt (top middle), Eric (bottom middle), and Oliver (right).

Current HostsEdit

Matt Eades

Oliver Aguilar

Kevin Beier

Brandon Lynch

Former HostsEdit

Max Gonzalez

Eric Pederson

Guest HostsEdit

Amber Mierau

Ashley Marie

Craig Kesicke

Craig Wignall

David Hayter

Elias Toufexis

George Denison

Michelle Boback