Max Gonzalez

Max Lorenzo Gonzalez (commonly known as "Gassy Mexican") is a former ManaTank member and is known for his extreme love of Mass Effect and his "List" of games he plans on playing.

Podcast BioEdit

Max was brought on to the Angsty Podcast and was part of the crew when they transistioned to Virtual Flicks, then Gamer Gaia and finally to Mana Tank. Max left the Mana Tank crew in early 2012 on good terms to focus on a YouTube commentary group he was a part of called "The Creatures". Max was then kicked out of The Creatures in November of the same year and no word has been released as to if he will make a return to the podcast. He is now focusing on his YouTube and voice acting career and still stays in contact with Matt, Eric, Kevin, and Oliver.

Trivia/Stuff About Max's LifeEdit

Max was born in Chicago, Illinois.

Max previously lived in "The Creature House" in Colorado and now lives with his girlfriend in an apartment in Colorado.

Max has a fairly popular YouTube channel called "GassyMexican" where he does video game commentaries.

Max is known for his obsession with the Mass Effect universe.

Max is known for playing more multiplayer games than singleplayer games.

Max once received a email from a fan on the ManaTank email address calling him out on his list of games and his pride he takes in knowing vast amounts of the Mass Effect universe saying "Knowing about Red Dust does not make you a fan of Mass Effect". After recieving this, Max got quite angry and ranted for a extended amount of time about the criticisms.

Max once left for the break in the podcast and never came back for the rest of the show. It was found out next show that he "sat down with his dog and fell asleep". To this day, Matt and Oliver will never let him live that down.

Max once rear ended an old Indian lady's car with his Chevy Astro Van.

A very long running joke spawned from Max arguing that the Mass Effect universe is much larger than the Metal Gear universe due to Mass Effect being on the "galactic scale." A link to the genesis of this can be found here.